Medicaid Planning

1904, 2024

Understanding Medicaid: What Does Medicaid Cover?

In the complex and frequently changing landscape of health care in the United States, Medicaid stands out as a vital program. Since 1965, it has provided essential coverage to millions of low-income individuals and families. [...]

2803, 2024

Could Medicaid Payback Rules Come to an End?

Amid recent reports from such prominent news outlets as The New York Times and Associated Press about the negative impact of Medicaid estate recovery on families, the idea of ending this practice altogether has resurfaced. What Is Medicaid? [...]

801, 2024

Medicaid Planning Protects Your Home

Your most valuable property may be your home, which is true for many people. You likely want your children to inherit that value when you pass away. However, you may also have concerns about planning for the future, especially if your health [...]

105, 2023

Some States Testing Out Medicaid Coverage for Healthy Food

Under a federal pilot program, a number of states are using Medicaid funds to cover healthy food costs for Medicaid recipients. Ultimately, the trial program seeks to determine whether nutrition support can help prevent and [...]

303, 2023

Becoming a Family Caregiver for an Ailing Loved One

Taking on the responsibility of providing full-time care for an aging or disabled loved one can be a rewarding experience. Being a primary caregiver helps you rest assured that your loved one is receiving compassionate [...]

1712, 2022

Report: Lower Prices for Generics Via Online Pharmacies

For people who rely on multiple medications, the expenses accumulate. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, eight out of 10 adults say prescription medication costs are unreasonable. Three in 10 adults on four or more [...]

1012, 2022

Medicaid Renewals Resuming: The Information Gap

Recent findings show an information gap among Medicaid recipients regarding the need to re-enroll for benefits after the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency (PHE) ends. Medicaid recipients are inconsistently informed about the end of the PHE and its effect on [...]

712, 2022

What Is the Difference Between Medicaid and Medicare?

Although Medicaid and Medicare are both public health insurance programs, they have essential differences. Medicare is a federal program for older adults, people with disabilities, and individuals with end-stage renal failure. Medicaid is federal-state assistance [...]

1011, 2022

Study Reveals Unmet Needs of Seniors Relying on In-Home Care

When an older person requires help with daily living, options range from residential facilities to in-home care. Typically, less expensive than care facilities, professional in-home care can benefit older adults by allowing them to remain [...]

2510, 2022

Researching Medicare or Medicaid? Google Wants to Help

Many people use Google to get information about health care services, including benefits programs such as Medicare and Medicaid. Recently, Google announced changes to the search experience for users seeking information about Medicare and Medicaid eligibility and [...]

810, 2022

What Is Community Medicaid?

Medicaid is a federal program administered on a state-by-state basis. There are several types of Medicaid — including Community Medicaid. Community Medicaid covers care and medical services that enable a recipient to remain in their home or [...]

1309, 2022

Is a Medicaid Planner Right for You?

A Medicaid Planner is a term that encompasses many different types of professionals who may be able to assist you or a loved one with qualifying for Medicaid benefits. Not every Medicaid Planner may be [...]

802, 2021

Using Estate Planning to Prepare for Medicaid

Long-term care involves not only a loss of personal autonomy; it also comes at a tremendous financial price. Proper planning can help your family prepare for the financial toll and protect assets for future generations. [...]

502, 2021

The Top Eight Mistakes People Make With Medicaid

Medicaid planning can be a difficult and confusing process. The following are some common mistakes people make when planning to apply for Medicaid. Thinking it's too late to plan. It's almost never too late to [...]

607, 2020

Transferring Assets to Qualify for Medicaid

Transferring assets to qualify for Medicaid can make you ineligible for benefits for a period of time. Before making any transfers, you need to be aware of the consequences. Congress has established a period of [...]

2705, 2020

Medicaid Protections for the Healthy Spouse

Medicaid law provides special protections for the spouses of Medicaid applicants to make sure the spouses have the minimum support needed to continue to live in the community while their husband or wife is receiving [...]

405, 2020

How Your Stimulus Check Affects Medicaid Eligibility

The coronavirus relief bill includes a direct payment to most Americans, but this has Medicaid recipients wondering how the payment will affect them. Because the payment is not income, it should not count against a [...]

903, 2020

Medicare and Medicaid Will Cover Coronavirus Testing

With coronavirus dominating news coverage and creating alarm, it is important to know that Medicare and Medicaid will cover tests for the virus. The department of Health and Human Services has designated the test for [...]

803, 2020

Medicaid’s Asset Rules

In order to be eligible for Medicaid benefits a nursing home resident may have no more than $2,000 in "countable" assets (the figure may be somewhat higher in some states). Note that Medicaid is a [...]

312, 2019

Medicaid’s Treatment of the Home

Nursing home residents do not automatically have to sell their homes in order to qualify for Medicaid, but that doesn't mean the house is completely protected. The state will likely put a lien on the [...]

1010, 2019

How to Use a Trust in Medicaid Planning

With careful Medicaid planning, you may be able to preserve some of your estate for your children or other heirs while meeting Medicaid's low asset limit. The problem with transferring assets is that you have given [...]

207, 2019

How Gifts Can Affect Medicaid Eligibility

We’ve all heard that it’s better to give than to receive, but if you think you might someday want to apply for Medicaid long-term care benefits, you need to be careful because giving away money [...]

1106, 2019

Protecting Your House from Medicaid Estate Recovery

After a Medicaid recipient dies, the state must attempt to recoup from his or her estate whatever benefits it paid for the recipient's care. This is called "estate recovery." For most Medicaid recipients, their house [...]

709, 2018

Caregiver Support is Critical for the Whole Family

All too often, the task of caring for an elderly, disabled or terminally ill family member falls entirely—or nearly so—to one family member. Sometimes this happens by default, because one family member lives near the [...]

2705, 2018

Medicaid Eligibility and the Qualified Income Trust (QIT)

Eligibility for Medicaid long-term care assistance depends on several factors, including: Citizenship/residency Being aged, blind, or disabled Asset limits Income limits Certain types of assets are non-countable and will not affect eligibility. However, the income [...]

2305, 2018

Understanding Medicaid Long-Term Care Exemptions

About 60% of New Jersey nursing home residents and more than 2/3 of those in New York long-term care facilities are reliant on Medicaid to cover the cost. While some of those residents were lower [...]

2503, 2018

Five Estate Issues You Shouldn’t Tackle on Your Own

When you’re planning for your own future and providing for your loved ones, it is always beneficial to have the knowledgeable guidance of an experienced estate lawyer. Though forms and software abound to help you [...]

1512, 2017

New Jersey Lawmakers Seek to Improve Caregiver Support

Well over one million New Jersey residents are caring for elderly and disabled relatives, and the challenges they face can be overwhelming. Balancing responsibility for an aging relative with work, child-rearing, and the day-to-day business [...]

610, 2017

How to Reverse Medicare Surcharges When Your Income Changes

What happens if you are a high-income Medicare beneficiary who is paying a surcharge on your premiums and then your income changes? If your circumstances change, you can reverse those surcharges. Higher-income Medicare beneficiaries (individuals [...]

610, 2017

Nursing Home Costs Rise Sharply in 2017

The median cost of a private nursing home room in the United States has increased to $97,455 a year, up 5.5 percent from 2016, according to Genworth's 2017 Cost of Care survey, which the insurer [...]

610, 2017

Now Is the Time to Review Your Medicare Options

Are you happy with your current Medicare plan or plans? Now is the time to think about whether you are in the right plan or whether a new plan could save you money. Medicare's Open [...]

809, 2017

Why You Should Use a Lawyer for Medicaid Planning

Many seniors and their families don't use a lawyer to plan for long-term care or Medicaid, often because they're afraid of the cost. But an attorney can help you save money in the long run [...]

509, 2017

You Can Pay Your Medicare Premiums Online

Online bill paying has become a popular way to make paying bills easier, and now you can pay your Medicare premiums online too. If your bank allows customers to pay bills online, you can use [...]

707, 2017

How Medicare and Employer Coverage Coordinate

Medicare benefits start at age 65, but many people continue working past that age, either by choice or need. It is important to understand how Medicare and employer coverage work together. Depending on your circumstances, [...]

1206, 2017

New Protections for Nursing Home Residents

New Obama-era rules designed to give nursing home residents more control of their care are gradually going into effect. The rules give residents more options regarding meals and visitation as well as make changes to [...]

904, 2017

New Book Offers Guidance Through the Medicare Maze

Philip Moeller. Get What's Yours for Medicare: Maximize Your Coverage, Minimize Your Costs. Simon & Schuster. New York, N.Y. 2016. 291 pages. Medicare is a mixed blessing.  On the one hand, it provides guaranteed coverage [...]

301, 2017

Repealing Obamacare Will Have Consequences for Medicare

One of President-elect’s Donald Trump's campaign promises was to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA), aka Obamacare, and Republicans in Congress have vowed to make repeal one of their first acts in the new term. [...]

2512, 2016

New Jersey Medicaid Support Programs

Medicaid is a government program that is funded by both the state and federal government that provides health care services to low-income individuals. This article is an overview of the benefits and eligibility requirements of [...]

2512, 2016

Medicaid Long-Terms Care Waivers

For most elderly Americans, home health care is not a viable financial option. These services are not affordable for the average American, especially as the average human lifespan lengthens. For financial reasons, many senior citizens [...]

1612, 2016

When Can You Delay Taking Medicare?

While you are eligible to apply for Medicare when you are 65, there are circumstances where you might not want to, particularly if you are working full time for a larger employer or contributing to [...]

3009, 2016

Paying for Long-Term Care

As individuals age, they often begin to think about where they would like to live out their days. Most would like to stay in their homes for as long as possible. However, this often requires [...]

3009, 2016

Medicare vs. Medicaid

When most people think of long-term care, they imagine nursing homes or assisted living facilities. However, there are several different options available for long-term care. The most common is nursing home care, where an individual [...]

1908, 2016

Why Most Estate Plans Do Not Work

Estate planning can be a tedious and complicated process, which if not conducted properly can result in assets being wasted due to being placed in expensive probate proceedings or unduly subjected to creditor claims and [...]

1908, 2016

Medicaid Crisis vs. Medicaid Planning

A health condition that requires a family member to receive permanent, long-term care often does not occur with a great deal of advanced notice, particularly if the health event occurs suddenly such as in the [...]

1108, 2016

Important Facts About Medicaid Planning

When it comes to dealing with the excruciating cost of long-term care services, there is no room for error and knowledge is power. For that reason, we summarized for our readers the answers dealing with [...]

1108, 2016

Who Needs Estate Planning?

Estate planning isn’t about how much money you have, it's about protecting what you have for you, during your lifetime and for those you love after you’re gone. It ensures what you have gets to [...]

2307, 2016

Medicaid and Estate Recovery in New Jersey

Federal Medicaid regulations require a state to seek reimbursement from an individual’s estate for the cost of long-term nursing facility services. Medicaid liens, as they are commonly referred to, are a lien placed against a [...]

1607, 2016

Keeping Control of Your Trust

Every different form of trust contains its unique benefits and drawbacks that depend on an individual’s estate planning needs. One particular example involves the choice between irrevocable and revocable trusts. As the name implies, an [...]