YOUR Business Lawyer Can Help:

  • Choose and establish the most beneficial entity for your purposes
  • Draft and review operating agreements and other core contracts
  • Advise business leadership on a range of business law issues
  • Draft and review contracts with vendors, clients, and employees

Whether you are an individual professional managing a sole proprietorship, a partner in a small business, or a member of a corporation, the stability of your business depends on good legal practices.

Many small business owners are experts in their field, but lack the in-depth legal knowledge necessary to fully protect themselves and their businesses. Attorney Andrey Milvidskiy understands the issues business owners face. Prior to entering legal practice, Mr. Milvidskiy worked for more than a decade as a business executive and consultant.

Today, he puts his combined legal and business experience to work helping businesses:

  • Identify the right structure for their operations and establish the appropriate business entity

  • Create a solid foundation for the business through effective partnership agreements, shareholder agreements, buy / sell agreements, and other core contracts

  • Understand and manage compliance issues, including those business owners might not have been aware of

  • Apply for and assemble documentation necessary for any necessary licensing and permits

  • Draft, review, and negotiate contracts with suppliers, customers, partners, employees, contractors, and others

  • Manage and, if necessary, litigate disputes arising out of the business

Running a successful business requires more than subject-matter expertise and good customer service. When you’re investing your time and resources in building a business, you can’t afford to leave the legal foundations to chance, or to cut corners by adapting a contract you downloaded from the Internet or “borrowed” from another business in the same industry.

Whether you are just establishing your business or operations are well underway, you and your company will benefit from knowledgeable legal guidance every step of the way. Unexpected legal issues can be costly and can derail your business operations, as key executives find their time redirected to managing a legal crisis. Solid preparation, including contracts custom-drafted for your business, advice on compliance issues, and review of contracts submitted by other parties can prevent many conflicts and disruptions.

If a problem should arise, ready access to an experienced business lawyer who is already familiar with the structure of your company and your operations can save you time, money, and stress.

Milvidskiy Law Group P.C. is committed to the success of your business at every stage, from formation through growth and succession planning. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.

Life is a Journey. Have a Plan.

Call now and schedule your consultation.

Life is a Journey. Have a Plan.

Call now and schedule your consultation.

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