1006, 2024

What You Should Know About the Medicare Tax

You may have seen the Medicare tax listed on your paycheck stubs or on your income tax return filings and wondered what it is. To learn more about what it is and what it pays [...]

1104, 2024

Does Medicare Cover Prescription Weight Loss Drugs?

Americans have a growing appetite for prescription drugs such as Ozempic, Wegovy, and Mounjaro. Originally developed to treat Type 2 diabetes, they are now exploding in popularity as a weight loss treatment. Evidence is mounting [...]

2205, 2023

On Medicare? What You’ll Pay for Now That the PHE Has Ended

The Biden administration officially ended the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency on May 11, 2023. Certain policies that were implemented in early 2020 during the public health emergency will now expire. As a result, seniors are among those [...]

203, 2023

Does Medicare Pay for Assisted Living?

Assisted living facilities support older adults with daily living while fostering their independence. Individuals who do not require round-the-clock nursing but need help with everyday activities like bathing, housekeeping, medications, and meal preparation can benefit from [...]

3101, 2023

Will Medicare Pay for Housekeeping Services?

Medicare is federal health insurance for people over 65, some younger people with disabilities, and those with end-stage renal disease. Coverage of housekeeping services under Medicare can depend on several factors. Is There Coverage for [...]

3001, 2023

Medicare Will Now Cover Medically Necessary Dental Care

In November 2022, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) announced that Medicare coverage will be expanded to include medically necessary dental services. This change in Medicare rules will allow people with life-threatening conditions [...]

1801, 2023

Getting Medicare Food Benefits

As people age, accessing healthy meals can become more challenging. According to Feeding America, one in five older adults was food-insecure in 2020. Some older adults struggle with affording healthy foods, whereas others have difficulty going [...]

1401, 2023

Can You Appeal When a Hospital Considers You an Outpatient?

A hospital’s classification of you as inpatient or outpatient can significantly affect Medicare’s coverage, shaping how much you pay for services and whether your coverage includes care in a skilled nursing facility. Medicare Part A pays for [...]

1201, 2023

What Is a Medicare Summary Notice?

Every three months, those with original Medicare receive a claims statement called a Medicare Summary Notice. As explains, this notification describes all the services or supplies that providers or suppliers attributed to Medicare during the preceding [...]

2912, 2022

5 Reasons for Seniors to Celebrate in 2023

It has been a tumultuous few years. Amid a continuing pandemic, tense midterm elections, and a war in Ukraine, we have grappled with more than our fair share of grim news. However, with the new [...]

2809, 2020

Medicare May Not Cover the Coronavirus Vaccine After All

While Medicare would cover a coronavirus vaccine approved through normal channels, if the Food and Drug Administration approves the vaccine through an emergency use authorization (EUA), Medicare will not cover it unless the government acts. As [...]

1409, 2020

Beware Medicare’s Penalties for Late Enrollment

People generally become eligible for Medicare at age 65, when they can receive benefits under Part A (hospital coverage), Part B (medical coverage) and Part D (prescription drug coverage).  But Medicare doesn’t want you to delay enrollment.  If only [...]

1707, 2020

Will Medicare Cover a Coronavirus Vaccine?

With the coronavirus pandemic responsible for more than a hundred thousand deaths and disrupting life across the United States, the only way for the country to return to normal is an effective vaccine. When a [...]

1906, 2020

When Buying a Medigap Policy, It Really Pays to Shop Around

Medigap policies that supplement Medicare’s basic coverage can cost vastly different amounts, depending on the company selling the policy, according to a new study. The findings highlight the importance of shopping around before purchasing a policy. [...]

903, 2020

Medicare and Medicaid Will Cover Coronavirus Testing

With coronavirus dominating news coverage and creating alarm, it is important to know that Medicare and Medicaid will cover tests for the virus. The department of Health and Human Services has designated the test for [...]

601, 2020

Movement Grows to Add Dental Coverage to Medicare

Medicare does not offer much in the way of dental benefits. To get dental coverage, you need to purchase separate and often costly dental insurance or sign up for a Medicare Advantage plan that includes [...]

1707, 2019

Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage (Part D)

Medicare offers a federally subsidized drug program for seniors, in which private health insurers offer limited insurance coverage of prescription drugs to elderly and disabled Medicare recipients. The drug benefit is available only through insurers [...]

1707, 2019

Medicare Advantage (Medicare Part C) Plans

If you have Medicare Parts A and B, you can join a Medicare Advantage plan. Under Medicare Advantage beneficiaries may choose from a number of private health plans, which include the following: Health maintenance organization [...]

1707, 2019

Medicare Part B

Medicare Part B basically covers "outpatient" care: office visits to medical specialists, ambulance transportation, diagnostic tests performed in a doctor's office or in a hospital on an outpatient basis, physician visits while the patient is [...]

1802, 2019

Medicare Part A: Hospital Coverage

Medicare Part A covers institutional care in hospitals and skilled nursing facilities, as well as certain care given by home health agencies and care provided in hospices. Any person who has reached age 65 and who is [...]

3107, 2018

Switching Medicare Plans If You Move

If you are over 65 and preparing to move to another county or state, be sure to add "check Medicare plan" to your to-do list. You need to make sure your Medicare plan will still [...]