January 2024

2901, 2024

What Is MAID (Medical Aid-in-Dying)?

Many people seek to avoid situations in which life is unnecessarily prolonged. Subsisting on expensive life-support long beyond when treatment might improve one's quality of life can be cruel. With advance directives, including living wills [...]

2201, 2024

Avoiding Property Tax Foreclosures for Older Adults

If you are a homeowner who is falling behind on your real estate taxes, you may end up facing foreclosure on your property. Because your property taxes hinge on the value of your property, you [...]

1901, 2024

A Useless Power of Attorney: Avoid Free Legal Documents

A power of attorney designates a trusted individual to make decisions or conduct transactions on your behalf. They could be related to personal finances, business operations, or medical needs and used for a single immediate [...]

1501, 2024

A Seniors Guide to Estate Planning

Most older adults acknowledge that estate planning is essential. Yet, nearly half of Americans age 55 or older do not have a will, and even fewer have designated powers of attorney, a living will, or health [...]