A New Resource for Older Americans and Their Families

More than 10,000 people turn 65 in the U.S. every day according to, a new website recently launched by the Obama administration. The goal of this website is to act as gateway for older Americans and their families, friends and caregivers to locate information about leading a healthy lifestyle, options for health care, preventing elder abuse, and retirement planning.

Posted on August 1, 2015

Healthy Aging

According to the website, healthy eating habits, physical activity, and involvement in your community help contribute to living a long, productive, and meaningful life. This section of the website offers links to dietary guidelines for older Americans, the American Dietetic Association, the National Institutes of Health Senior Health website, and resources for volunteering and senior employment.

Health Issues

According to the website, focusing on preventive care, managing health conditions, and understanding medications help contribute to an increased quality of life. This section of the website offers links to various Medicare resources (hospital compare, home health compare, dialysis facility compare); information about mental health, Alzheimer’s disease and dementia; other specific diseases, conditions and injuries (arthritis, cancer, diabetes, fall prevention, hearing, heart and lung, HIV/AIDs, vision); and resources for medications (Medicare prescription drug coverage) and treatments.

Long-Term Care

According to the website, long-term care – either through in-home assistance, community programs, or residential facilities – allows you to stay active and accomplish everyday tasks. This section of the website offers links for finding home care and assisted living facilities; resources for caregivers; securing benefits (,; planning for long-term care (,; veteran’s services; and preparing for end of life (Advance Directives, funeral planning, organ donation).

Elder Justice

According to the website, millions of older Americans encounter abuse, neglect, exploitation, or discrimination each year. This section of the website offers links to help you identify scams, prevent fraud, address senior housing issues, stop elder abuse, and find legal assistance.

Retirement Planning & Security

According to the website, planning for retirement will allow you to enjoy financial security as you age without the risk of outliving your assets. This section of the website offers links to resources for retirement planning, understanding your employer’s retirement plan, and investing (IRAs, investing wisely for seniors, preventing financial fraud).

State Resources

The final section of the website points out that resources to support older Americans and their families, friends and caregivers can vary from state to state and offers links to the departments of aging for all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

Final Thoughts on offers a diverse amount of information to help you or a loved one navigate the challenges of growing older. Instead of randomly searching for guidance and advice, this website is a good starting point for locating more specific information related to aging healthy, wealthy, and wise.

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