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Navigating the complexities of executing an estate can be overwhelming. At Milvidskiy Law Group P.C., our professional executor services ensure that your estate is managed efficiently and in accordance with your wishes. Our experienced team is dedicated to providing comprehensive support, giving you peace of mind that your loved ones will be cared for and your estate will be administered properly.

What is a Professional Executor?

A professional executor is a third-party individual or entity appointed to manage and settle an estate according to the terms of a will. This role is crucial when the estate is complex, there are potential family conflicts, or there is no suitable family member available to act as executor. A professional executor brings expertise, impartiality, and efficiency to the process, ensuring that all legal and financial obligations are met.

Professional executors are particularly beneficial in scenarios where the estate includes a wide range of assets, significant debt, or potential disputes among beneficiaries. Their objective approach helps mitigate conflicts and ensures that the estate is administered in a fair and unbiased manner.


The probate process can be intricate and time-consuming. At Milvidskiy Law Group P.C., we manage all aspects of probate, from filing necessary documents to representing the estate in court. We ensure that the will is validated and that all legal requirements are met. Our team also handles notifying beneficiaries and interested parties, keeping them informed throughout the process. This comprehensive management helps streamline probate, reducing delays and ensuring that the estate is settled efficiently.

Estate Administration

Our estate administration services cover every aspect of managing and settling the estate. We begin with compiling a detailed inventory of all assets, ensuring that everything from real estate to personal belongings is accounted for. We then identify and settle any outstanding debts and liabilities, protecting the estate’s value. Finally, we ensure that assets are distributed accurately to beneficiaries as specified in the will, providing clear communication and support throughout the process. Our goal is to handle every detail with precision, alleviating the administrative burden from your loved ones.

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Ready to Speak with an Attorney?

Managing a Variety of Assets

The nature of assets within an estate can vary significantly, ranging from real estate properties and financial investments to personal belongings and digital assets. Each type of asset requires specialized management to preserve its value and ensure it is distributed according to the wishes outlined in the will.

Real Estate Management

Real estate assets require specialized management to preserve and enhance their value. Our services include property valuation to determine accurate market value, maintenance to ensure properties are kept in good condition, and preparation for sale to maximize returns. If properties are rented, we handle tenant relations and lease agreements, ensuring a seamless transition. Our comprehensive real estate management ensures that these valuable assets are handled with the utmost care and professionalism.

Non-Financial Assets

Non-financial assets, such as personal belongings, collectibles, and digital assets, also require careful management. We catalog and distribute personal items according to the will, arrange for the appraisal and sale of valuable collectibles and artwork, and manage digital assets, including online accounts and intellectual property. By addressing these often-overlooked aspects of estate administration, we ensure that all assets are appropriately managed and distributed.

Why Choose an Estate Planning Law Firm as Your Executor?

Choosing an estate planning law firm as your executor offers numerous advantages. Our legal expertise ensures that all actions taken during the estate administration process comply with relevant laws and regulations. As a neutral third party, we provide unbiased administration, minimizing family conflicts and ensuring fair treatment of all beneficiaries. Our streamlined processes and attention to detail expedite the administration process, reducing stress and delays. Additionally, our comprehensive services cover all aspects of estate management, from legal representation to asset management, ensuring that your estate is handled with care and precision.

Beneficiaries Who Are Minors

Estates with minor beneficiaries require special consideration and planning. At Milvidskiy Law Group P.C., we work closely with appointed guardians to ensure that minors’ needs are met. We can help to establish and manage trusts to safeguard minors’ inheritance until they reach adulthood, ensuring that funds are preserved and used appropriately. Our team also oversees the management of funds for educational and support expenses, providing financial stability and support for minors throughout their development.

Beneficiaries with Disabilities or Special Needs

Beneficiaries with disabilities or special needs require tailored financial planning and management. We can help to establish and manage special needs trusts to provide for these beneficiaries without affecting their eligibility for government benefits. Our customized financial plans ensure long-term care and support, addressing both immediate and future needs. We also coordinate with care providers to align financial resources with the beneficiary’s requirements, ensuring comprehensive and compassionate care. Our specialized services ensure that beneficiaries with disabilities and special needs receive the support they require, enhancing their quality of life.

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Trust Milvidskiy Law Group P.C. to provide the expert guidance and support you need for effective and efficient estate administration. Our dedicated team is here to assist you every step of the way, ensuring that your estate is managed with the utmost care and professionalism.

Frequently Asked Questions

Using a professional executor ensures that your estate is managed with expertise, impartiality, and efficiency. Professional executors are experienced in handling complex estates, navigating probate, and adhering to legal and financial regulations. Their objective approach minimizes conflicts among beneficiaries and ensures the accurate and timely distribution of assets according to your wishes.

The primary disadvantage of using a professional executor is the cost, as they charge fees for their services. Additionally, some people may prefer having a trusted family member or friend handle their estate, valuing the personal connection and understanding of family dynamics.

Professional executors are also essential when there is no suitable family member or friend available to act as executor or when an impartial and unbiased administration is required. It may also be necessary to use a professional executor when the estate is complex, includes a wide range of assets, or involves potential conflicts among beneficiaries.

The costs associated with hiring a professional executor vary depending on the complexity of the estate and the services required. Fees can include a percentage of the estate’s value, hourly rates for specific tasks, and administrative costs. It is important to discuss fees upfront to understand the financial implications.

While having a friend or family member serve as an executor can be more personal and potentially less expensive, it can also lead to conflicts, stress, and a lack of expertise in handling complex estates. A professional executor provides impartiality, experience, and efficiency, which can be particularly beneficial in complicated or contentious situations.

Attorneys are better equipped to serve as executors because they possess extensive knowledge of estate laws, probate procedures, and financial regulations. Their legal expertise ensures that the estate is administered in compliance with all relevant laws, reducing the risk of errors and disputes. Additionally, attorneys are held to a higher professional and ethical standard, which means they have a fiduciary duty to act in the best interests of the beneficiaries, ensuring the estate is administered with integrity and diligence.

A professional executor can be named as either a primary or successor executor, depending on your preferences and circumstances. Naming a professional as a successor executor can be a good strategy if you prefer to give a family member or friend the opportunity to serve first, with the professional stepping in if they are unable or unwilling to fulfill the role.

A professional executor is strongly recommended in situations involving complex estates, high-value assets, potential beneficiary disputes, or when there is no suitable family member or friend available to act as executor. Their expertise, impartiality, and ability to navigate legal and financial complexities make them an invaluable resource in ensuring the efficient and effective administration of the estate.

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My husband and I had a very positive experience working with the Milvidskiy Law Group. They were very knowledge and professional and an overall pleasure to work with. I strongly recommend using this law firm.

Barbara W.

The Milvidskiy team was incredible and I am so grateful for their timeliness, compassion, and patience during such a difficult time for our family. During our time at the hospital, many people talked to us instead of speaking with us, however, their legal team was the exception. I am very impressed with how they navigated the tense situation with some of our family members and felt that their empathy was heartwarming. I will be forever grateful for their help ensuring our grandfather’s wishes were listened to and will be honored.

Thomas B.

Mr. Milvidskiy and his staffs are so professional and helpful all the time. I recommend them highly to anyone.

Phoebi L.

My experience with the Milvidskiy Law Group was a positive one. They were always available to answer any of my questions. If I did have to leave a message or email a question/concern they would always respond back in a reasonable amount of time. I would recommend this Law group!

Teresa W.

This firm was wonderful and I highly recommend them. They took the time to explain everything to me as I set up my Estare plan. They answered all my questions and did not pressure me into anything I didnt want it need. I feel very at ease and relieved that this was taken care. I also know they remain there if I have any questions down the road. All I have to do is call. Best thing I did this year!!

Susan C.

We were very impressed with the serviced we received from the Milvidskiy Firm. They were responsive and very professional. They delivered as promised. We highly recommend them! Their fees are quite reasonable.

Rose F.

Highly recommend using the services of Milvidskiy Law Group! We were pleased with the level of service, knowledge and forward thinking. Mr. Milvidskiy offered creative and thoughtful ideas for us. Thank you!

Elena A.

Estate Planning can be a complicated and technical endeavor for most individuals like myself and my wife. In additon, finding a competent Estate Planner can be equally difficult. However from the outset we were quickly assured that we had selected the right firm to handle all our Estate needs. Our attorney,Andre, and his assistant, Pamela, emphasized, that in order for a plan to be successful, it must be understood in it’s entirerty and it needs to meet all the individual concerns of the client. In that vein technical aspects were explained in laymans terms and all our questions were not only encourgaged but answered fully to our satisfaction. We’ve had experiences with other law firms but by far we found the Milvidskiy Law Group to be Professional, Trustworthy, Experienced In the Law and Genuinely interested in the welfare of their clients.

Sal M.

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