It Pays to Be a Smart Shopper When Buying a Medigap Insurance Policy

Medigap premiums for plans from insurance companies offering the same benefits vary widely, so it pays to be a smart shopper.

Posted on July 15, 2022

Federal law requires that each insurance company offers the same benefits for each of the Medigap plans lettered A through M, but each company sets its own premium rates.

Stay updated on how to protect everything you’ve worked for so hard during your life.

    A Medigap insurance company sets premiums in three ways:

    • Community-rated, where the premiums are the same, regardless of age
    • Issue or entry age-related, where premiums are cheaper if purchased at a younger age
    • Attained-age-related, where premiums are based on your age at the time of purchase

    When choosing a Medigap plan, compare the different benefits each plan offers and the price for each company’s plan. Consider your current health status, what your health care needs might be in the years to come, as well as your future health care budget.

    Insurers will also consider the state and city where you live. The American Association for Medicare Supplement Insurance Price Index reports found the cost in 2022 of a Plan G policy, the most popular Medigap plan, was $99.24 per month in Dallas, Texas, versus $278.25 per month in New York City.

    When shopping for a Medigap policy, get quotes from two or more insurance agents working for different insurance brokers. Every insurance broker may not represent all of the insurers offering a plan in the state or city where you live.

    It may take time to shop around, but the money you save can be worth it.

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    Stay updated on how to protect everything you’ve worked for so hard during your life.

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