November 2023

2711, 2023

14 Essential Questions to Ask Aging Parents This Holiday

Thanksgiving is a time when many families come together. About 45 percent of adults surveyed said they planned to travel for the holiday, per The Vacationer. With multiple generations gathering around the table, the annual meal [...]

1711, 2023

2024 Annual Gift and Estate Tax Exemption Adjustments

With the arrival of the new year, revisions to the annual gift tax and estate tax exclusions will be going into effect, as recently announced by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Gift Tax Exemption for 2024 Every [...]

1311, 2023

What Is a Power of Attorney?

A power of attorney allows you to appoint an attorney-in-fact or agent, which can be an individual or an institution. Your agent acts in your place for financial or medical purposes if you ever become incapacitated or can't act [...]

1011, 2023

Should My End-of-Life Care Plan Include a Death Doula?

Death doulas are available for people who are approaching the end of their lives, whether it is because of advanced age or illness. The service these professionals provide can help families and individuals who need [...]

611, 2023

What Is Cost Basis and How Do You Prove It?

Knowing the cost basis of your property is important for tax purposes, but proving cost basis can be difficult. Cost basis adjusts at death, so it is always a good idea to appraise your property [...]

311, 2023

Using a QTIP Trust in Estate Planning

Estate planning is crucial when managing valuable assets and ensuring the smooth transfer of wealth to future generations. There are various types of estate planning tools available, some of which may be more useful depending [...]